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Rental Location: Bergerac Airport
Supplier: Europcar - Rating: 5/5
Reviewed by PG on
Good experience. Car ready on arrival and clean. Good instructions on return.
Rental Location: Nimes Airport
Supplier: SixT - Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewed by PB on
Car hire partner was Sixt. Receptionist spoke good English and it was quick and easy to complete the paperwork.I was given a choice of car to take and the car was easy to find in the car park. The car did have a few marks on the body but these were all pointed out to me and noted on the paperwork. When I returned the car with no new marks or scratches I was complimented on my driving!
Rental Location: Moulins
Supplier: Auto Europe - Rating: 5/5
Reviewed by 1600strwetbob on
Got email promptly. Car was ready. Receptionist spoke some english and demonstrated all aspects of car which doesnt always happen and was very helpful. Tips: Park next to cinema when collecting or droppung off. Its free.
Rental Location: Toulouse Airport
Supplier: Thrifty - Rating: 5/5
Reviewed by PKA on
Excellent service from online booking to pickup and drop off Will definitely use your car hire company on my next visit to France
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Hiring a car in France - Super FAQ's

Driving Licences, Drivers and Age Questions
I am 24 years old, can I hire a car?
Yes, there will be a young drivers surcharge, this varies so please check the terms and conditions listed next to each car
What kind of Licence is accepted?
A full driving licence is required and must have been held for a minimum of 1 year. The licence should be in western script, if not you will require an International driving licence obtained from your licencing authority. UK licence holders need to bring both parts, the card and paper versions
Do I need an International Driving Permit?
You only need an international driving permit if your licence is NOT in western script
I have a drink driving disqualification which has since elapsed.
In general a period of five years or greater would need to have passed since the date of the driving offence. This is true for many other serious driving offences where a disqualification of six months or longer was incurred. If you have two or more disqualifications for drink driving or a combination of offences incurring disqualifications then you will not be able to rent within France. Please contact the broker or supplier after booking if you have any queries regarding endorsements on your licence.
My second driver is arriving later. How can I add them to the rental?
You will need to return to the rental desk with the 2nd driver and their licence to be added to the rental
I am 78 years old, can I hire a car?
Yes, there is no maximum rental age in France, as long as your licence is clean and been held for a minimum of 1 year, you will need to bring both parts of your licence (card and paper part)
My spouse is 18 can they drive the car with me
No, the minimum rental / driver age is 21
I have lost my paper copy
Replacements are avaialble from DVLC, please obtain this befroe your rental
I have surrendered an Australian Licence but my UK Licence only shows 1 year
Please bring your old licence with you - if this has been surrendered to the UK authority then a letter explaining the licence change will be required (from the authority)
Where do I add the 2nd driver details?
When booking through France Car Hire we only require the main driver's name to process your reservation and attempt to reserve your requested car type. If you require an additional driver they will have to present themselves and their licence when picking up the car. You can add additional drivers after picking up the car but you will need to return to the car hire supplier's offices to process the paperwork, if this is what you require discuss it with the supplier representative at the time of pick up. Unlike the main driver, any additional driver does not need to provide a credit card to release the vehicle. Costs may be incurred for each additional driver added to a rental agreement and these costs and driver requirements for eligibility, are available in the terms and conditions of each car shown on France Car Hire.
Can we both drive the hire car?
Yes, if you are both full licence holders (min one year), both drivers need to present licences at the rental desk, minimum age restrictions will apply
I have X penalty points, can I drive?
Anything less than 6 points on a UK licence you can still hire through the suppliers and brokers on France Car Hire. With more than 6 points or a DD, DR or BA endorsement that is not older than 10 years, you will have to alert the car hire supplier or broker after booking for confirmation on your circumstances. Non UK licences (alpha numerical) are governed by the same guidelines when it comes to endorsements. If there is no more than two endorsements and only for minor infringements then you should be fine to hire. If though you have any doubts we recommend you speak to the broker or supplier chosen after booking through our site.
What is the minimum rental age in France?
21 is the minimum rental age, for some higher spec cars the minimum age can be up to 25 years old, please check the terms and conditions next to each car
Booking and Payment
Can I leave a cash deposit to release the car?
A credit card is required for the rental deposit, cash / cheques / debit cards are not accepeted
I do not have a Credit Card but a person in our party does, can I use that?
The main driver needs to hold a valid credit card, consider renting the car in there name and adding yourself as a named driver
Where can I check my reservation?
In the menu at the top of the page please click 'my reservation' and enter your details
What if the office is closed for pick up / return?
If you require a car 'out of hours' this request will be sent to the rental desk for confirmation, if the location is an airport this is normally not a problem. Downtown locations may make an out of hours charge. Returning the car, please leave the keys in the drop box of through the letter box (check this when picking the car up)
How do I find the downtown location?
Once the booking is placed the supplier will send you full address and contact details for the supplier. This can be cross referenced with maps on the supplier websites and search engines to give an accurate route to and location of the rental office. As a rule rental offices in downtown French towns and cities are conveniently located for access to road and rail.
What Insurances are in place?
All cars featured through France Car Hire are fully inclusive of insurances required to drive the car. There will be an excess on CDW (Crash Damage Waiver) and Theft, which could be considerable. You are under no obligation to take any additional insurances previous to picking up the car or offered to you at the desk. Many people take rental cars and operate them with the excesses in place. There are insurances available through France Car Hire to remove the liability, you can see the costs and inclusions of the refundable excess insurance on the booking page of our site. There is also insurance available when picking up the car from the supplier though these are generally more expensive than our offering and may not reduce or remove the excesses completely.
I booked a car yesterday but have not received confirmation
You should receive a confirmation email in under 24hrs of making the reservation, but during peak times this can be up to 48hrs. Please chaeck your junk or spam folder as sometimes the email can get caught in spam filters
Do I have to leave my actual credit card at the rental desk?
No, the credit card is tested for the deposit amount, you can then take the card with you
Does the car rental insurance cover personal injury?
No, the fully inclusive nature of the insurance covers all persons outside of the vehicle but not injury or loss to persons within the car including the driver. You should ensure you have adequate insurance protection through your other medical insurances for persons within the car. Some suppliers also offer personal injury insurance and for persons within the car, please ask at the counter for more details and costs.
Can I pay for the hire car with cash on arrival?
No, all rentals in France require a credit card
Do I need to bring a Credit Card?
Yes, all rentlas require a credit card as opposed to a debit card, the credit card is used to secure the deposit on the car
Will I be charged if I bring the car back late?
Yes, a late return means the car may not be available for the next rental, rentals are charged on a per day rental basis
Can I pay for the hire car with my Debit Card in France?
No, you will require a credit card
One-way Rentals
Can I still hire a child seat?
Yes, please request the seat after you reveive the booking confirmation, the seat will be paid for locally at time of pickup
Why is a one way fee charged?
The logistics of moving cars around a large country, sometimes does incur a charge
Can I call you to make the booking?
To keep our costs at a minimum (and therefore the cost of the car) we only accept reservations via the internet. This avoids the cost of call centres
Can you give me a quote?
For any rental location in france it should take less than 1 minute to obtain a quote via our website, this keeps our and your costs down
Will there be a cost for a one-way rental?
This depends on the rental locations, there may or may not be a one-way charge, you will be notified of this once we have the reservation request. The final price will then be confirmed and if you are in agreement the booking will go ahead
Can I pick the car up in France and return it to another country?
It is possible but charges will apply and these can be quite large, consider dropping the car off at or near the border and renting another car in your destination country
Can I pick the car up in one location and return it to another?
Yes you can, depending on locations there may or may not be a one-way charge, you will be notified of this once we have the reservation request. The final price will then be confirmed and if you are in agreement the booking will go ahead
The Hire Car
Do any of the rental cars have a tow bar?
No cars are supplied with tow bars
I have lost the car keys!
If you have lost the keys, you will need to contact the rental company using the number on the agreement . Replacement keys can take between 24 and 48 hours. Additional charges will apply if you have not taken out the zero excess insurance.
What happens if the car breaks down or if I have an accident ?
Cars come with complete 24-hour emergency road side assistance. The number to call is printed on the rental agreement. In the event of a breakdown or an accident, you will receive prompt assistance. You must always remember to complete a police accident report form, if an accident happens.
What documents do I need to present when I pick up my car ?
1) Driving licence, issued by your country of residence (For licence holders from the UK, where the driving licence is issued in 2 parts, both parts of the licence need to be shown; your photocard and the original paper driving licence) and held for a minimum period of 1 year.
In addition to your normal Driving Licence, an International Driving Licence is also required if your driving licence is written in a non-western script language. Your International Driving Licence is only valid if accompanied by your normal Driving Licence.
2) Passport (or your national identity card) will also be required, in some specific cases, such as certain special or luxury vehicles further identification may be required.
3) Valid credit card with an expiry date after the car return date.

Points 1 and 2 apply to all additional drivers, if any.
Should I check the condition of the vehicle prior leaving the location ?
Yes, although any issues should be reported on the paperwork occasionally the odd item can be missed, please do look around the car and point out any issues observed
Is there a milage restriction on the rental?
Plms and conditions listed next to each car, milages vary depending on the end supplier/car type and location
What if I incur fines or tolls during the rental?
Fines or Tolls are payable by the renter, if they arrive after the rental period then they will be charged to your credit card
Can I request a make, model or colour?
While we try our hardest to supply the car listed sometimes this is not possible due to situations beyond our control, in this case the car supplied will be similar or better. Colour cannot be requested
Can I bring my own equipment?
By all means, the cost of bring your own child / baby seat can be lower than renting one through a supplier and the condition / fit for your child could in fact be better. Luggage racks and Ski Racks can of course be brought from home too but please be aware than they may not fit the rental car and any damage to the car in fitting or operating them may be costly to you. Sat Nav or GPS equipment can of course be brought from home but ensure you have the right and up to date software, DVD or entertainment equipment is fine but again ensure you fit it correctly and it does not distract the driver or damage the car. As always when leaving the car ensure you take all your equipments and personal items with you.
Automatic cars
The France Car Hire booking engine allows you to filter only automatic cars. All cars shown as automatic are guaranteed automatic transmission vehicles. Automatics as a rule in French car rental fleets are a minority and this is even more the case in smaller locations so you should ensure that you book early.
Do I need to clean the car before returning?
In general the car should be returned in reasonable condition, if excessive interior or exterior cleaning is required it can be charged
Luggage requirements
The France Car Hire booking process shows luggage capacity as a guideline but you should always factor that you may underestimate the amount of luggage space required by your party. If you have five adults consider estate or station wagons and when booking people carriers always consider two cars as an alternative. Luggage racks are not available but ski racks can be requested when booking. under French law your car should be loaded safely and give you enough room to drive comfortably. Don't put yourself under pressure by booking a car to small for your needs.
Are ski racks available?
Yes ski racks are available in certain locations including high altitude stations and major gateways to ski destinations. In most circumstances the ski racks are designed to hold two skis, you will need to fit the device to the car yourself and there is a daily rental cost up to a maximum amount. Check the costs and availability in the terms and conditions and we recommend considering estate or station wagon vehicles against the cost of a car and ski rack.
Are snow tyres available?
In higher altitude stations or major gateways to the ski resorts you may incur a Winterization Fee. This daily charge up to a maximum amount is levied to provide you with a car capable of driving in winter conditions especially at higher altitudes. This may include specialist winter tyres, if you are in doubt please check the terms and conditions and / or contact the supplier after booking for further details.
What is the zero excess insurance you offer?
The zero excess insurance offered covers you against any possible excess charged by the rental supplier, for example, tyres, windscreen damage or key loss - it is much cheaper to buy this insurance at the time of making the booking rather than at the rental desk at pick-up. If you take out the insurance please refuse any offered at the desk
Will the car have GPS or Sat Nav?
GPS or Satellite navigation is more and more common as a feature within hire cars especially from the intermediate class cars upwards. Bear in mind though that if you have not requested or paid for GPS then the hire car company does not have to supply it. Check the terms and conditions for availability as well as costs.
Is it possible to hire baby or toddler seats?
Yes both are available, please request these after receiving the booking confirmation, seats are paid for locally at time of rental pickup
What if I bring the car back with only a 1/2 a tank of fuel?
If the tank is not full on return then you will be charged to refill the tank. Note; it will be cheaper to fill the tank before dropping the car off
Will the rental car be full on arrival?
Yes the fuel tank will be full on collection, please check this is the case and if not report it to the rental desk. The car should also be full of fuel on return
Do I need to check the condition of the vehicle prior leaving the keys?
Yes you should and if there is additional damage not listed on the vehicle statement at time of pick up you have to inform the rental desk for a joint examination. Even if no accident occurred the vehicle may have been damaged during the rental and this has to be indicated to the rental desk. If you are returning the car out of hours please make a note of the damage and leave it with the keys in the drop box.
High altitude rentals
We feature all high altitude stations available through major suppliers in France. Please note though these stations have limited opening seasons, hours and fleet availability so please book early. Also be aware of winterization fees, which are daily fees for renting adapted cold condition ready vehicles from these winter sports focused rental locations.
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